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Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows developers to access directly our service for their own programs without using the website. The usage is easy and presently for free. Our API returns data in JSON format.

To use the API you need an API key, which you can apply by e-mail:

API Documentation

Calling the API interface via GET parameters
URL: URL of the interface
Parameter: String key API-Key
String url URL to shorten to

Result of an API request
Parameter: String key Shortened URL without prefix ""
String destination Destination URL
String url Shortened URL, e.g.
Object status Status object, see table below

Status object of each API call
Parameter: String result "OK" or "ERROR"
Int code Status code, see table below
String message Reply message as plain text

Status codes
200 OK, successful request
400 Error, missing parameter "url"
401 Error, invalid parameter "url"
403 Errorr, URL blocked due to spam
410 Error, authentication failed
425 Error, number of daily calls exceeded API
426 Error, API key invalid or does not exist
427 Error, API key not passed (parameter "key")
500 Internal error, service currently unavailable

Any questions? Send an e-mail to

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